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  • Are you trying to figure out how  to make enough money doing what you love? 
  • The bills or debt is causing sleepless nights and anxiety and it feel overwhelming.
  • Is your income staying the same year after year?
  • Not enough time for your side hustle to expand into your new business.?
  • You’re feeling “not enough”,  invisible, or stuck with your current income.

 Discover the ways to move through your money blocks and be the deliberate creator you are meant to be

  • Getting clarity on your financial picture and building a vision of what you want and feeling a sense of joy attaining it. 
  • Experiencing your income rising each year, reaching your goals and knowing you can create whatever you desire.
  • Having an abundance of resources and being able to pay your bills each month with ease, while having money to give, invest, and save.
  • Feeling you are now the future self you dreamed you could be, full-time creating in your own business. 
  • Enjoying the freedom of abundant living knowing you always were enough and you get to decide what abundance is for you.

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“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Maggie and I’m finally unstuck and moving forward again.  Maggie has helped me through a difficult time, I’ve gained clarity, and able to release the obstacles that had been limiting my progress and my money has started to flow again!  Maggie   has a deep understanding and is a great teacher around how abundance and manifestation can work easily when we make the commitment; she makes it fun. “ – Tim Holt


“I can’t express how helpful and uplifting my sessions with Maggie were!  She shared a wealth of processes and tools that were customized to me and my specific goals at the time.  The action steps were very manageable and I started experiencing results within days!  Maggie is caring and compassionate, and I feel that Maggie truly holds the vision for my goals. “ – Jill


“I had the honor of getting invaluable coaching sessions from Maggie. I am so thankful for her willingness to share her powerful gifts with others and me. Because of her generosity, insight, intuition and skill she gave me tools and direction in my day-to-day life to strive for my hopes and dreams and make them a reality. These practical tools were tailored to me individually, fun and easy to use and everybody could benefit from it. Thank you for reminding me of my unlimited potential and giving me guidance on how to express myself with confidence and power and to have faith in myself and the Universe again. Thank you for honoring your gifts and helping me find and honor mine. Meeting with you is truly a life-changing event.”  – Madelyn Haward


“Through my work with Maggie, I have been able to change my perspective and really look at what I want and know I can have it.  I’ve already manifested and accepted the job I wanted and I’m looking at other areas where I want to create new things.  Maggie has a welcoming presence and knowledgable approach; she believes in me and now I do too. I always look forward to our sessions.”  Christen Sullivan