Wash, Rinse, and Repeat – Notes on Healing and Listening to the Messages from Spirit


Wash, Rinse and Repeat  – Notes on Healing and Listening to the Messages from Spirit

Lately I have noticed my body requiring a bit more sleep, and my clients have been expressing the same feeling.  I also had a small injury around my heel when I stepped off the treadmill a couple of weeks ago or I think that is what happened.  I wondered if the pain was causing the exhaustion or was it the change of season or something else.  In September we experienced two major Eclipses and with Eclipses, we are asked to make changes so transformation and healing can take place.  It may take a couple of months which often can cause us to need more rest so our body, mind, and spirit can catch up.

Back to my heel, it was not getting better, I sought medical help.  It was strange, as soon as I made the appointment, it started to feel better; but isn’t that often the case.   It was also the night of the New Moon where our intentions, wishes receive that extra boost.  I thought it would be a good to check-in to ask my heel what it had to tell me along with sending it healing energy.   I don’t know why I had waited so long but it was a session with a client with a similar issue with other complications that made me remember.  In my practice of Energy Therapy, sometimes I ask clients to give whatever the issue is a name and ask it why it is here and what message does it have.  I sat in meditation, and heard the name “Starlight”.  I sent Starlight love and acceptance, because I know what we resist persists.  I asked her what was her message.  The message that came through was about a willingness to make changes around diet, areas of self-nurturing, courage so that I am able to step forward during these times of change and transformation. 

“Spiritual progress is like detoxification. Things have to come up in order to be released. Once we have asked to be healed, then our unhealed places are forced to the surface.”   -Marianne Williamson

The next day, my heel was feeling a bit better and I went back into meditation to see what other messages would come through.  It was “Wash, Rinse and Repeat”.  Spirit often uses words or phrases that we can understand.  I felt it pertained to my daily rituals – practices that have always been a comfort to me and assist me join with Spirit to do my work.  Things have been a bit jumbled during the last few months with classes, a busy schedule, enjoying the sweetness of the season.   I am now inspired to go back to my practices with regularity, adding in some of the beautiful lessons and techniques I have learned from my studies to enhance my daily practices which can assist others along their own path.   In other words – Wash, Rinse, and Repeat.  When we embrace the magic that is here for us every day, there is a sacredness in our everydayness of life as we are transformed to do our work with love.  I thanked Spirit and Starlight for being here, appreciated her message; let her know that it was fine for her to move on.  As I feel her getting ready to leave, there is a sense of peace in my body, a relaxation around my heel and foot.  I am now able to walk without my limp; the pain is minimal.  So as I go forward, sure footed, I will remember the words, Wash, Rinse and Repeat as I am healed!

Sending all my love,


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