What Is This Costing You To …….


When we feel stuck, we can ask ourselves, “What is this costing me to  …..  “

  • Feel invisible
  • Remain stuck in unhealthy patterns
  • Be afraid to love again
  • Stay in a unsatisfying relationship
  • Put off my dream business
  • Remain in a job I no longer love
  • Afraid to take that class
  • Feeling not enough
  • Reliving the past
  • Be unforgiving

We know that in a month from now, or six months down the line, things will remain the same unless we gain clarity on our dreams, choose differently and take action.  So just for today, write out your dream.  Then for a minute, imagine how that would feel emotionally, who is around you, are there people supporting you, how would you feel in your body, continue to feel any other sensory feelings, do you feel free, loved, describe the place, colors….have fun with this.

Then, write one step you could take to begin then take action, one step!  Don’t look back.  If you get discouraged, read your dream again, and again.  You can do this!  I believe in you.  You have many future selves and life paths; we came here to be conscious creators!

If you ready to take that next step and would like to work with me, click on the “Schedule a Session” tab or “Contact Me” tab  to set up a free exploratory coaching session!

Everything is possible,

Maggie Lukowski – Personal Manifestation Coach

Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life? - Mary Oliver



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