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A Manifestation Life Coach and Creating Money Coach certified by the QSCA (Quantum Success Coaching Academy)  specializing in creating Abundance, and yes Money! It goes even deeper, it's the essence of how you want to feel being abundant, what you can create, what it brings to you and how you can help and give back to the people and causes you love.  Manifesting is something I've always loved and been successful in and enjoy assisting clients create the life and money they desire.  I draw from my wisdom and experience of having had many diverse careers from dog walker, beekeeper, legal assistant to corporate engineer for a Fortune 500 company, Six Sensory Practitioner, and creating my own businesses, living my dream, serving my clients, while living at the beach half of the month in addition to my home base.

I believe there is no limit to what you can accomplish once you take that first step no matter where you are or have been in your life.  I know because I have been down many roads but the one constant for me was knowing the formula to manifest money and I want to share it with you!   I customize our coaching for your specific goals and with your participation and commitment, you achieve extraordinary results with the support of my guidance along the way.   

We will always come up with challenges along our way that can discourage us and that’s where I can help and have some amazing processes and techniques.  I have worked with clients who set their sights on their vision, and have achieved their desires and much more!  Once you start down the path of creating, many roads and opportunities become available to you.  You can click here to schedule a Complimentary Jumpstart Session with me!  

I can't wait to assist you create what you desire!

Maggie Lukowski

QSCA Certified Life Coach /Certified Money Coach

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” - Mary Oliver


A Meditation: Manifesting - Mastermind - 6 Degrees of Separation ... Not Even!   In gratitude and appreciation to Mary Morrissey, Jack Boland, and  Jack Graf




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